For those of you that remember Java, you will remember it as one of the best nightclubs in Bristol between the years 2010-2015. Unforunately, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

This site now exists as a tribute website and we will also try to post monthly articles about what we are up to behind the scenes as well as what you can expect from Bristol nightlife in the future.



Posted by Jess Slack, 17/10/2017.

"Not many students are aware that drinking three times a week is a borderline addiction."

In university in the United Kingdom, it is well known and popularized that the average student goes out drinking nearly three times a week.
This is the common consensus held by students across the UK, but have you ever conisdered the detrimental effects on your brain and body that a habit like this could cause?

Most likely not, I myself during my time in University used to go out on the 'razz' atleast 3 times a week, sometimes I would be out every night during busy periods like Freshers Week, leaving many people with what is known as the 'Freshers Flu' however, this is often due to excessive alcohol consumption and its effect on the immune system. A low immune system couped with cold weather, drunken snogs and copious amounts of cigarettes means that we are picking up illnesses and viruses that would usually be repelled by our immune system.

What is also worrying, is that such a high alcohol consumption during this period can create a habit that can last for rest of the year and for some students, even turn into an addiction.

You probably already know a few freinds that can't get through the week without a few nights out and this can cause many implications such as financial induced stress aswell as poor eating and sleeping habits.

If you, or a freind on your course or housemate sounds like they might have an addiction, you should confront the problem directly.

There are many ways to deal with an alcohol problem, one of them is by seeking help from a third party. In the UK we are very lucky to have a great and free healthcare system, however, not enough people seem to be making most of this. There are also other alternatives, such as the AA 12 steps, for example, that offer god as a guidance to break through an alcohol addiction.

The moral of this post is simple, if you find yourself drinking yourself silly three or more times a week you probably have a problem. Once a week is fine, after-all, not drinking in University seems ridiculous, right? However moderation is key

For now that is all, I apologise for the lack of posts on this website, as we haven't had a post for over 6 months. I will try and post more often but we are working on something rather special at the moment and that is taking a lot of our time! For now, peace out and if you think you have an alcohol addiction please get in touch and we can try and sort it out.




Posted by Dino Gurya, 11/03/2017.

"As soon as i hit him with the belt, i instantly regretted it."

We all hate bouncers, they can be a massive ball ache at times but they are there for our safety.

But this lad just went way too far.
A video posted by THE TAB BRISTOL on Facebook (shown to the left of the image incase you are blind!) shows a young man no older than say 25 hitting a bouncer with a belt!! If any of this happened on a night out at Java back in the day I would hope that our bouncers would be a lot less friendly than these. Still, the man gets his just deserts and the bouncer quickly takes him down, with a cheeky little muay thai kick to the face for good measure.

However, this video epitomises what bouncers face on daily basis. Bouncers in Bristol nightclubs are often portrayed as the bad guy but would you like to do what they do for a living? I wouldn't that's for sure! Still, we have to give these bouncers props for keeping our bars, nightclubs and pubs in Bristol safe from these hooligan teenagers and 'roadmen' that are plagueing the streets of the city.

My friend who is a bouncer, Rick saw the video and said "This is just a glimpse of what bouncers have to go through on a daily basis. Its no easy job and at just £10.00 an hour you really have to ask yourself, is it worth getting hit repeatedly with a belt for this? This is why when Java closed down 2 years ago i didn't go to a different Nightclub in Bristol instead i looked at other career paths and i am now a teacher. I can safely say that i have never been hit with a belt, yet anyway, haha."

I think Rick summed that up perfectly, don't whack bouncers with belts, they have feelings too.

With that being said, Lola Lo need to seriously consider getting new bouncers as they are now liable for charges. Even though the bouncer was provoked, the bouncer is clearly seeing stomping on the young man in question. Do you think he is in the right to do this? This is very questionsable and i am unsure whether you can justify hitting someone this hard when they are on the floor. Not sure how you guys feel about this but this is my two cents on the issue, if this happened in Java back in the day to be fair i change my mind, the bouncer would be sacked and we would not have him working in the club again. However, i've changed my mind once already and i suppose getting hit with a belt like that must have some sting to it. Please message us here with how you feel regarding this issue and if you were the bouncer in this situation how would you react?

Many of you on Facebook already said that you would 'fill his face in' or you would ban him from every nightclub in Bristol. If you know this mans name we would love to name and shame him as no one should be hit with a belt like this, however i also think the bouncer did not react in a professional manner. Please name and shame the person by contacting us on facebook or either fill out a form on our contact page, Thanks!

Peace out, hopefully we will post another article about Bristol nightlife next week, but don't hold me to that as i am not a great writer!